Excited newbie ready to jump in!

I’m Mary. I’m eager to try lots of new things. I’ve already signed up for several classes. My husband will be at a few of them, too. I have a sewing studio and a painting studio, as well as a ceramics kiln and woodshop at home. I love using my scroll saws and painting folk art and whimsy on the wood I cut. I sew lots of folk art dolls, especially snowmen. I really want to learn how to use the laser cutter and plasma cutter, also how to throw on the potter’s wheel and screen print! See ya!


Cool! I remember you from the tour… I am sure you will have a great time here…

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Cool, I look forward to meeting you.

Thanks, Malissa! I met you briefly at a Maker Monday a few weeks ago. I love craft sewing. I hope to help with the bags and come to Textile Tribe soon.

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Thanks, Ladeana! It was a pleasure meeting you a few weeks ago! I mentioned you to my friend Mary D. (your walking buddy) last night at Bunco! She spoke highly of you!

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Hope to see you around. Sounds like you do a lot of neat things! I’m on the new member/ volunteer committee with ladeana if you ever want to join up on that one or any other committee let me know and I can probably help introduce you. It’s all volunteer run so the more help we get from members the better the space gets!


Welcome sounds like you have some wonderful talent. Looking forward to seeing you.
Angel Mejia

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Thanks for the welcome, Erik! I will keep your invitation in mind as I get more comfortable in the community. I’m always interested in helping when I can.

Hi Angel! I don’t know about talent! LOL I just love to learn and have a lot of interests! Thanks for the welcome!