Excellent video on wearing safety glasses

This is a great video. Sometimes people get the idea that they’ll blink or turn away from a sudden problem, but there just isn’t time. While this covers an exploding glass ampule, it is certainly applicable to a sudden shard of wood or metal in one of our shops.

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Some years ago I was using an angle grinder to cut a metal pipe in half while wearing regular eyeglasses. I was looking directly through the lenses at the workpiece thinking that if anything came at me it would strike the lens. I ended up with a piece of steel embedded in the cornea of my right eye. I didn’t feel anything at the time and it took me 28 hours to realize what had happened. By the time I found out, it had begun to rust. I had to have an ER dig it out with a motorized tool called an Alger burr tool. I had a rust ring and some corneal damage that required 4 visits to an ophthalmologist to deal with. Fortunately, the injury was just out of my line of sight so I was left with no permanent vision damage.

I was rushing to get the job done to go do something else and I think that is why I didn’t get safety goggles/glasses. I think almost every time I hurt myself on a job it was because I was hurried. Take the time you need and use personal protective equipment every time.