Events Committee

Do you have a lot of big ideas for big events. Watermelon feed. Grand Opening. Ice Cream Social. Giant Halloween Party.

Think those might be fun? Got other ideas? I am looking for some team members to join a committee to host Events. If you are someone who is thinking… hey why haven’t we done some of these, then I need you to respond here and join the Events committee. I can’t be chair since I am already Chair on Education Committee… but I can get us started and can help get the team going!

This committee would be ideal for someone who just wanted to help out with one event (a super idea if you are already overcommitted elsewhere, but want to help the makerspace in a time limited manner.) This could also be good for people who just like to have parties (and aren’t we all missing that right now… )


Thank You LaDeana! You are right, this is a great way to help promote the MakerSpace. Especially to avoid an extended time commitment. Normal Board Positions and Committee Work extend for a year. The Events Committee might best function with many people that sign on for one event and then a few months later, sign on for another one.

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I do need some folks to help out… let’s pick a day of the week to meet

  • Tuesday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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I think this is important so I will support

If we could make a display about all our Committees and who to contact to get involved and have it up by next Tuesday that would help.