Event notice: Make A Bowl By Hand (2019 Sep 15 - 1:00 pm)

Starting: 2019 Sep 15 - 1:00 pm
Ending: 2019 Sep 15 - 3:00 pm
Instructor: Michelle Lefavor
Register: http://makeict.wildapricot.org/event-3550126
Price: $25.00 for MakeICT Members and $30.00 for Non-Members.
Ages: 10 and up

My names Michelle and you can usually find me in the Ceramics area. I’m the one that makes the Ocean Pots. I consider myself more of a hand sculptor than a potter. I personally enjoy creating things with my hands. I love bringing my ideas to life through my Art. If you’re interested in learning to do hand building I would be happy to teach you what I know. This will be a 2 phase class where we will meet up on 2 separate Sundays to make a Coil Pot. The 1st class on 09/15/2019 is where I show and help you create your very own Coil Pot Master Piece. The 2nd class on 09/29/2019 will be glazing your Coil Pot Master Piece. The reason this will be a 2 part class is it takes time for the clay to dry before it can go into the kiln. Once it has had time to dry it will be Bisque fired then it will be ready to glaze. It will go into the kiln one more time and then you can take your creation home. Clay and Glazes are included in the price of class. Any one under 16 must have a parent with them. You are more than welcome to stay and work on your project after class as long as it is not being used for another class. You are also welcome to come in on your personal time to work on your project. If I’m there and you need help I’ll be happy to help, however there are a lot of talented people in Ceramics that enjoy being helpful so don’t be afraid to ask them. I look forward to seeing you!!!


There is a delay in firing your rope bowl. It was not dry enough to go into the Kiln today. It will go into the next bisgue firing which I hope is Friday or Early Saturday.