Event notice: Intro to Pyrotechnics (2019 Mar 23 - 2:00 pm)

Have you ever been curious about how a professional fireworks show is set up?

Whether you have prior experience with professional pyrotechnics or are just starting out, take this beginner/refresher course that covers some of the ins and outs of operating a fireworks show. Learn safe distances for use of various pyrotechnic effects, setting up a mortar field, safely load shells and wire ground repeaters and other pyrotechnic devices.

Join Andy Win and other local pyrotechnic operators for this introductory class.

This theory class is required to attend future dates that will have live-handling and setup of pyrotechnics at display sites.

Future classes will feature use of special effects, flames, and training for Kansas issued operator’s license. Also, learn the use of electronic firing systems for remote pyro control for musical pyro-choreography.

*Fireworks have inherent risks. Our mission is to instruct users the safe handling and usage of display fireworks, but the user/operator does not relinquish his/her own responsibility for safety.

Will this event be added to the makeict calendar?

Hello Jon,

Yes! I will get it added to the calendar!