Event notice: Ceramics - Hand Building (2019 Oct 20 - 02:00 PM)

Time: Oct 20 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM
Instructor: Michelle Le Favor
Register: http://makeict.wildapricot.org/event-3579842
Price: MakeICT Members - $10.00
Price: Non-Members - $15.00
Ages: 10 and up

A hands-on class for personalized help with hand-building ceramic pieces.

Blurb from the instructor:

“Hello! My name is Michelle and you can usually find me in the Ceramics Studio creating something. You may not know me but you might be familiar with some of my work. I make the “Ocean Themed” stuff. I enjoy the Hand Building side of Ceramics. I like to see the artists hand and the creativity in a piece of art. If you are interested in learning hand building techniques . For just $10 per class you can meet up with me in the Ceramics Studio between 2-4pm. I will be running a 2hr Class every Sunday for the entire month of October. If you are busy one Sunday then there is always next Sunday. This class is geared towards me helping you to bring your ideas to life, whatever it is you want to create or expand upon I’m there to help. For example you may want to add a 3-D design Elements to a vase you threw on the wheel but you’re not sure on how to do it. Then I am your gal!!! Hand building is a lot more simple than you think; all you have to do is learn to make simple basic shapes and from there you can create almost anything. You will be surprised at how easy it is. I would love to help teach anyone who wants to learn how to hand build that is interested. This class is meant to be a fun relaxed atmosphere where I help you make what you want to make. I look forward to seeing you there!!!”