Estate Sale - TONS of fabric, yarn, vintage patterns, sewing machines, etc.

There is an estate sale at 2771 S Classen (Wichita) from 8/9 through 8/11 (possibly 8/12) with a ton of fabric, yarn, ribbon, embroidery thread, vintage patterns, vintage clothes, sewing machines, etc.
This is an estate sale for a family member who was an avid quilter / seamstress / Maker and her collection spans many decades. It would be great to know the material/machines went to other Makers doing their thing.
I am not associated with the sale other than the family relation, so I can’t provide any other details/deals. I just wanted to get this in front of folks who may be interested.
I hope this is helpful!


Thanks for the heads up. I got there when they were closing up, but still managed to buy a bunch of unusual thread. Thanks again.

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My life was so busy this past weekend, I completely missed this =(