Esp based weather station

I bought one of these for my brother, and I thought it looked fun to play with, so I got one for me too. I didn’t follow the directions exactly, but the directions probably were an easier way to do it. In an hour or two i was able to get this up and running and its pretty neat. If your on the fence about this kit, pull the trigger. There are plenty of unused pins too.


You know… if we could set up one of those inside and outside MakeICT and have it report conditions to a web page widget or something it might offer some valuable info to members.


I’ll set one up inside the ERP lab and see if we can integrate it to the Wiki.


Hey hey!

I dropped off the weather station at the makerspace this afternoon. It needs some things before it can be working but at least it is down there. @Christian Kindel or @Patrick Hutchison … do we have an api key for openweather. Org or thingspeak. Org?

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I am not aware of such things.

I put together one I got for me, and soldered the wiring so that it’s a bit more clear. Figured I’d drop it somewhere so that if I have to put it back together agian I van remember how to do it.

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I see the ESP8266, the oLED display, the temp/humidity sensor, and the pressure sensor. What’s the other piece, the I2C device at the top?

Light sensor