Engraving on slate

I’m feeling more and more comfortable with the laser cutters! I’d like to engrave on on a slate tile. Any suggestions? Speed? Power? Any advice is appreciated.
Also, could holes for hanging be cut into the slate with the cutter?

The laser cant cut slate, but it can engrave it. It might take a few passes to get the depth of engrave you want. I recommend bringing in a few pieces to practice with and figure out the best speed/power for your specific material. I think I may have used a power of 60 and speed of 20 on these.

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Thanks, John! Your projects are great. I want to engrave on a plaque or tile like your KU Jayhawk. What kind of stone is that? I have a piece of slate to play with. I’m going to Menards tonight to see what they have in tiles.

It’s a concrete stepping stone

Well, THAT’S cool!