Engineering Expo is March 28 - Volunteers needed!

Hey Makers! The Society of Women Engineers Engineering Expo is a great event every year to introduce kids to STEM and help spread the word about MakeICT. It’s held at Century II, it’s grown to have thousands of attendees, it’s almost become a city-wide festival of engineering! This year our table will be making little LED flashlights with coin batteries and LEDs and I need your help to tell kids about electricity. No actual electrical experience needed :slight_smile:

Saturday March 28

Volunteer shifts:


The middle shifts get lunch, and you all get a t-shirt! I need one or two people per shift. I need to know the names by March 6 so SWE can get their shirt game in order.

More info at:

Who can help out?

I’m in. 12-2.

8-10I cañ be there

Thanks friends! Can I get a 10-12 helper?

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Sent you a message

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Hey all, thanks for offering to help but I’m afraid expo is cancelled this year. We will be back I’m sure! This is one of my favorite days of the year so I’m really sad, but it’s the healthy choice to make.

Now I have more time to help makeict move, at least :slight_smile:


Not sure how big the event is, but MakeICT would be glad to offer to host a makeup event in a few months, I’m sure.


It’s 1500 kids and their families, held at century II. At least it was. It would be fun for us to have our own maker kids fest someday.


That is entirely possible at boothe. I can see us having a small scale event “Not Just for Kids” where we fill the building and grounds with steam events, artisans, and jello!


Actually I had a cool idea and need a place to put it so I’m putting it here.

Make a 3d printer frame but instead of stepper motors use pulleys.

Set it up with a pen

A person comes up and puts their piece of paper down and has to verbally instruct the people to control the machine to write their name.

Verbal G code.