Electronics Youtube channel thread

though I do watch things like ‘nerd of the rings’ and ‘MyMechanics’ I’m keeping this thread based on electronics specifically.

Big Clive - a rather nice gent that takes crappy electronics apart and reverse engineers them. Sometimes he hacks them to make them better, some times he blows them up, sometimes he runs cheap liquor through a water distillation machine.

Moritz Klein - DIY synth guy, great at breaking down complex concepts. If you are into audio, he is a def watch, if you aren’t, you might be after this.

Electro boom - I would be remiss not to mention the ‘how not to do electronics’ guru.

Greatt Scott! - Another German gent, he has a lot of clever circuits and is really good about explaining what’s going on.

Ben Eater - Buckleup buttercup this guy breaks down some really complicated stuff. It’s good to have some stuff under your belt before you start in to most of this. He has a series where he builds a basic computer, and a kit so you can follow along.

there is a subset of channels like inventor KR, SR electric, Indian jugaad hacks, and Technical Creative Channel, that are ok channels, typically they solder together a seemingly bunch of random parts and flash some leds, or make an amplifier.

what are some of your favorite electronics channels?


All of the above, plus a few.

Ben Heck is still doing videos, although you never know whether he’s going to dissect an old credit card terminal to find a Z80 and a bunch of Zilog support ICs or cook up a batch of cheese curds. Ben is famous for his console mods, where he takes a game system and often redesigns it to be more compact or to fit in a different form factor.

Learn Electronics He usually designs a board of some kind to illustrate the use of a particular kind of circuit, then populates it with components. Former military (Navy, I think) electronics tech.

Photonic Induction Blowing stuff up with uber high voltages.

The Signal Path Often teardowns of test gear. Can be more advanced.


Dude has like a substation in his house!


People who are crazy about electronics talking about people crazier than they are…


Coincidentally, PhotonicInduction just posted another fun video a few minutes ago. How about 1000 amps through a knife blade?

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I like The DroneBot Workshop. He’s a little low energy, but really good at getting the concepts across. I’ve learned a ton about leveling up arduino projects from him.


He ainta you know… 'lectricitie nor nuffin but I kinda like dis craftin guy riche 'ere. Ya know?


James, can you add a list of supply links?
I remember you throwing out some sites during the solder class but don’t recall what they were.

I’m probably going to have to build a 18v 300mA PS for an old guitar pedal because I can’t find one to buy. No idea where to find parts.


Lemme just throw that on it’s on thread. ZUJ a tick.

You can always make your own power supply from a leftover laptop brick…they’re usually 18-20 volts. I expect we might even have some in the lab. @james.a.seymour, do you know?