Electronics Lab 1.5: The Summer Set Up

Hello Hello!

We had a great impromptu work day yesterday!!

Exciting things are still happening in the Electronics lab! So here’s everything you want to know about the Electronics lab for Summer 2023.

First, the super cool update: There are freshly cleaned off, moved, and clearly marked shelves in the middle of the room. These are for 2 week personal project storage. For any projects left here overnight, please use the masking tape provided, or whatever you want, to clearly mark on your project, your name, your preferred form of contact information (phone number/email/forum username), and the date that you left the project. Please be cool and make sure that your project is not left longer than 2 weeks. :slightly_smiling_face: If the project does not fit in the shelves, it is too large to store here without explicit prior permission from an Area Lead or Assistant Area Lead.

Other updates about the Electronics Lab:

  • Just like before, there are now a couple more “cleaned off” shelves around the edges of the room. Please *do not” think these are free shelves and add to them. There is a plan for everything and everything has a plan.

  • There is what looks to be a hackable pile in front of the hackable shelves. That is incorrect. I am working through sorting through the pile and will add items to the hackable shelves or project shelves as applicable. As of right now, the shelves that are labeled “hackable” are correct and the shelves that are labeled “do not hack” are correct.

  • We have acquired an equipment rack. We are in the process of acquiring the proper screws for said rack, and then we will move many of the large pieces of equipment to the rack. Woohoo!!

  • There are now 5 cleaned off work tables around the middle of the room, each located under or near a power supply. These tables are free to use(Woohoo!!!), just please make sure that they are completely cleaned off when you leave.

  • There are 3 Electronics Lab project tables located on the south wall. Those are reserved for area group projects. Please do not use them for personal projects.

Now, for fun stuff:
I said last work day post to keep your eye on the calendar for another workday in August/September. :slightly_smiling_face: That seems like so much work. :joy: So, instead, let’s plan a project day and use this lovely area! Bring your project, project idea, or just yourself and hang out from 7-8:30p on July 10th. We’ll hang out, cuss and discuss the habits of angry electrons, and all around have fun.

A huge Thank You to @Christian @jameslancaster for all their help!! and to @ScottS for always being willing to help me move a shelf! These area improvements are a team effort and I am once again in awe and so very appreciative of the community we have here.

Thanks for being excellent!

Happy Making!


pinging @james.a.seymour for awareness :slight_smile: