Electric Bus meeting Sunday May 6 4pm

Hey Makers I’m not sure this went out here, but we will be meeting this Sunday May 6 at 4pm to talk about MakeICT’s Electric Bus!

It was talked about on the admin list but if you want to say more things, especially if you can’t make the meeting, reply here.

Here is a facebook event:

Are you interested in working on a really cool electric bus? Do you have expertise in the world of Suzhou vehicles? Do you want to learn about technology? Join us to talk about what we’re going to do with this really cool electric bus that MakeICT has owned since its early days! Who can maintain it? What should we use it for? Art gallery, STEM education on wheels, parade float? The sky is the limit when you come out and talk about who can contribute to our electric bus working team! We’ll get a walkaround tour of the bus at 4pm, then talk about its future. Join us!

Did we come to a consensus? or is it up to the board to decide?

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It is probably completely up to the Board to decide. I had thought to provide the Board with any viable plan that may have arisen out of the meeting. Given the few in attendance and the lack of online discussion, I think the Board may have all the information it needs to make the first of a series of decisions about the bus; namely, do we want to keep it?

Mike B

The problem I see with trying to do anything interesting with the electric bus is that we don’t have the space for it. Unless we can solve that problem real soon now, I don’t see how you get any further with the bus.

Maybe we need to start a list of all the interesting ideas that die for lack of space over the next couple years - just in case there’s anyone left who doesn’t think space is a huge issue…


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David’s spray paint class definitely died for lack of a paint booth. That’s the only project I’d put on the list though. Nobody worked on it when Logan donated space, it didn’t become amazing when it had the whole metalshop area, and attendance at this meeting wasn’t great.

Raise your (virtual) hand if you’d be really excited to work on this bus, if only we had a beautiful garage?

Regarding a possible board decision - what is the proposal from the special projects committee lead? I want to avoid using the board as “well nobody knows what to do so let’s make the board decide” formula.

Did anyone on FB admin call the guy who sent us a Private message?