DTI holder

Like most projects, this took far more hours than planned but not more than expected. I’ve been wanting to make this dti holder fashioned after Stefan Gotteswinter’s for several years. I finally got it modeled and started making parts this past week. Made the last pieces tonight. I need to clean up the ends of the arm and then blue it all before assembly.

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I’m impressed. I know enough to understand what the tool is and how much machining went into your parts, but I have no idea what a DTI is. :laughing:
Are you a machinist by trade or just a hobby? I do mostly wood stuff, but I enjoy watching tubers like This Old Tony who does such things as this.

Thanks! Machine work and fabrication is just a hobby for me. The hope is that one day it’ll pay for itself but that a couple millennia from happening. Especially when I spend hours making something I could buy for $1. (Not this tool, of course.)

Looks like your doing great!

There is a series of projects I want to do I need to take the authorization classes though lol

Got the parts blued today.

Finished assembly.


I couldn’t be happier with how this turned out. I make a lot of stuff, but when a tool turns out well, there’s something magical about it!