Drone Pilot Class - Schedule Change

After reviewing and editing the materials for the Drone Pilot class, it appears that the Wednesday evening session may not be necessary. So, if that was holding you back, come on and register.

The schedule will be as follows - unless there’s a significant issue:

Saturday Nov 4, 9AM - 4PM with an hour break for lunch
Saturday Nov 11, same hours

We’ll also be doing a “Drone Fly-In” where you’ll be able to fly your “bird” OR fly mine if you don’t have one. Location and date to be determined.

Here’s the sign-up link:

Randy Reynard


I realize scheduling this has been a MESS Randy so I just want to say I really appreciate you being patience with everybody, and I wanted to bump this topic up to tell other people to sign up! Personally, between my nephew’s birthday in Topeka this weekend and the Alt Gift market next weekend I’m batting 0% on attendance so can’t sign up. The fly-in sounds really fun so I’m sorry to miss it! I’m just really happy to see these kinds of classes at MakeICT!



Thanks for the encouragement. After I get this class under my belt (so to speak), I’ll know how the timing works out a little better. We may be able to do it in one 7 or 8 hour day. I’ll have a better feel for that after this class.

Scheduling is always the issue, isn’t it. There’s no perfect time, and we’re all so busy. I suspect we’ll do it again in the spring.

Thanks again!