Drone Flyover

Hey all.

I was getting set up to do a quick drone photo shoot of Rust’s garden and someone mentioned possibly wanting to get some drone shots/video of the makerspace. So, after some quick blade replacement and a flight zone authorization request from McConnel I have the official OK to take my Mavic Mini up and around the grounds. The authorization is only good from this Friday until Monday, with the weather looking the best for Saturday.

With that said, does anyone have any special requests of pics/video they would like to see? I know for sure I’m going to get a nice sweeping video of the stream and probably an overhead of the garden area.

I don’t know if anyone was wanting to inspect the roof or not but I could probably save someone a climb on a ladder.


Thanks, It was me for social media use. I truly appreciate what you are doing.


Anything in particular you want footage/pictures of? Or should I just get a lot of b-roll video and you can just edit what you want.


I can tell you that sometime between noon and 2pm (probably later as well, but these times have been established) the garden committee will be out continuing our prep work for the coming season. If you are available during that time period you could get some totally compelling action shots! :wink:
Also, I’m sure that some of us would love to ooo and aww over your drone!
Very cool of you to be doing this, and for asking!


It would probably be useful to get some overhead shots of the entire lot for future planning.


I’m going to try to get on site around 10a and stay until sometime after 1p. I’ll probably set up my charging station in the lounge or class so I can keep rotating batteries for as much flight time as I can get.

I’ll try to get one large shot of the whole grounds and then fly lower and try to get some more detailed shots for making a good mosaic composite site image.


I’m not an expert, so I’ll be happy with whatever I get. It would be nice to see some work happening in the garden. What about inside the building as well? We can do that another time or if someone else is willing.

Nothing this elaborate https://youtu.be/Tvkot4jGLWU


I could get some indoor video, the only restriction there would be lighting and making sure everyone indoors was aware of it buzzing around.
And there is no way I could pull off a single take buzz through like that guy. His skill is crazy.


Russ wanted paintball in the makerspace. We could use bodycam footage from the paintball games, then overlay it with soft classical music and a deep relaxing voice audio.

Here, we enter the Electronics and rapid prototyping (dude getting nailed with paintballs in slow motion) to the left there is the troubleshooting workbench… complete with all the scopes and supplies you need to find out…


I still want to make the spoof of the Reece’s Peanut butter ad at some point." You put art in my technology, you put technogy in my art."


So my little flyby/thru went off with one minor hitch that there is no video evidence of so my flight record is still “spotless”. The drone did not like being indoors but I still got a long video fly-through of most of the shops AND dusted the hallway floor. You’re welcome.

I’ll be offloading everything to my google drive and afterwards post a link to access the pics/video. The video is RAW and needs to be edited before being shown for public consumption. Hopefully some of it will be of use.


Sorry, screwed up permission with the first set. This one -should- auto-allow viewing/download.

UPDATED LINK - MakeICT - Google Drive

Video is pretty choppy from me having to micromanage with the winds and interior issues. Comes out to look like a drunken (insert bird type) view of everything.
If you look real close in the stream vid you can catch a turtle in the water. Also fairly certain the white bird is an egret. Tried to get a shot of the sandhill crane or heron that was there but he got spooked.


The videos look great. Quadcopter tech has come a long way since the last time I flew mine. Alaska in ‘15 It’s crazy the mavic is like 1/4 of the price I paid for my fc40 with tons more features. I almost picked up a mini at costco early pandemic but bought an FDM printer instead.

I’d say almost certainly it’s not a sand hill. The Sandhills were in the platte river valley in early March and are all way north at this time.

Fun fact they comprise largest migratory event in North America.

Source: I visited them arriving and departing the PRV every spring in my youth and reunited with them in March 11th this year. I was able to observe a group of four whooping cranes this year as well. The left the PRV around the 16th I believe.

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How would you like me to credit you when I share some of these to our social media?

I was hoping for exactly that elaborate! Lol

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One day, baby steps…


I don’t need credit, but if you want to my name is fine. I don’t have any fancy branding.

I do have to mention that because I was flying under the recreational exemption of the FAA 107 you may use it as long as you don’t use it for-profit or post it in a way you get ad revenue from it. The poster won’t get in trouble but I’ll probably get some calls from FAA investigators working from home with nothing much better to do. Using video on Facebook is ok because the ad revenue goes to FB, YouTube it is kinda grey. Of course use internally for MakeICT purposes is all clear. And when I voluntarily-by-law get my 107 license this year all such restrictions will be removed.


I usually just do Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business. We currently don’t have an advertising budget, so no plans to advertise. I will put a disclaimer on it because I don’t want people to think that they can fly their drone outside the makerspace.

Yep. I had to get authorization to do it. Not an open invite to fly.

The whole time Fighter jets were doing maneuvers and I kept saying to myself ‘they’re coming to shoot down a 249g drone flying at 120 feet for fun’.

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