Drill sharpening class - 20 March

I just submitted the form to teach a class on drill sharpening for 20 March.

If you have ever used a drill, there’s a good chance you have run across one that was dull or poorly ground and just didn’t work. Maybe it was fine when you started, but for some unknown reason, it stopped working partway through a job. (I’m sure it wasn’t your fault!) Whether working in wood, plastic, metal, or other material, being able to sharpen your own drills without any special fixtures is a handy skill to have. In fact, I’d wager I can have my drill sharpened and be back at work with it before you can get a fixture out and set up.

Come learn how a drill works, why it doesn’t work, and how to make it work!


I see my class on the main calendar here:

But it doesn’t show up on the wildapricot calendar here:

@Events I didn’t know that second calendar even existed.

The second calendar is just the events list shown as a calendar rather than a list. As long as the event is setup correctly, i.e. The event is setup and ready for registration, you should see it listed.

I see the March 20 class listed now. It is possible that whoever added it had just not published it yet at the time of the original post.

Yeah, it’s always been there. Don’t know if it gets much use; I’m not sure if we link to it anywhere. The event probably doesn’t show up because it was set up to require metalshop authorization (I don’t think that was requested), so you have to be logged in to see it.

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I took this class yesterday and it was great. I learned a lot about drills, what makes them suck at drilling, and how to fix them. Next time I need to drill a hole in 1/8" mild steel I won’t have to spend 10 minutes trying to do it via friction with a useless bit… :sweat_smile:

If you see this class pop up again on the calendar I would highly recommend taking it.


Thanks for the endorsement!

One thing I learned a long time ago is that the best way to learn something is to teach it - or try to. I can’t say I learned a lot about sharpening drills from teaching the class, but I learned a lot from you about how to teach it. There are things that I just do naturally that are hard to describe and that became clear as we went about sharpening drills. After the class I took those three drills I used as props back over and sharpened them. Took about 30 seconds each to get them back in shape. Much harder to explain the process though!

Thanks again! To anyone who thought about taking the class but couldn’t, if there’s enough interest I would be glad to do it again in a couple months.



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