Drawings vs Raffles

There is a difference between makeict holding a RAFFLE, which has to do with gaming and gambling. However we CAN hold a Drawing for items. An organization may have a drawing for a prize if the element of consideration is eliminated.The organization may request a donation, but may not require a donation from a person to participate in the drawing. So we could create a Monthly Drawing for a donated item by Makers and the money goes to makeict. As long as we follow the donation rule for the drawing we do not violate any rules or regulations with the State Gaming Board and we don’t need a permit.Honestly, I can’t imagine any maker not donating something for a chance to win a cppl item from one of our makers


The barriers for non-profit raffles in Kansas to be compliant with statutory law are pretty minor.


I read that Mike, however, there is a LOOPHOLE. If you hold a DRAWING, not a raffle, and suggest a DONATION then you are NOT breaking any Gaming Laws what-so-ever. You can NOT charge anyone to participate in the drawing, you can ASK or SUGGEST a DONATION but you can NOT make any one donate any money. If they ask for a ticket and they don’t want to donate they don’t have to. You do have to give them a ticket though, even if they do not donate. If you CHARGE everyone for a ticket then it becomes a Game of Chance, people are taking a GAMBLE on Prize. I called the City of Wichita and had them explain it to make sure I understood it correctly.

I’m just trying to think of little ways to help increase our finances. Some ideas might work to our advantage some ideas wont. I was thinking, People walking through might be interested in donating a few bucks to win something cool and handmade from a monthly drawing or something. Maybe each department holds a drawing to help with funding for the cool stuff they do. Like I said Im throwing ideas out there. lol, Like a Think Tank.

I believe what Mike is saying is that there is no need for a loophole, as we could easily just do a raffle since it is allowed for non-profits and compliance requirements are minimal.