Dowel Center

Does anyone know if we have dowel centers in the shop, and if so where? Or any other suggestions for a newbie on matching dowel holes so they line up right in both peices?

Also wondering if we have stair gauges (attach to a framing square for layout of stairs)?


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Stair gauges? that is a bit of a new one on me, I always just use a framing square.

Have you already read thru Wichita’s code book for the rise and run of a stair case? Or is this for a set of stairs?

I’m not sure where you could find dowel centers, but they look pretty simple to knock out on one of the metal lathes.

  1. If you have any interest in stairs for all ages, stay with the rise and run for all stairs. Any one with arthritis or other joint diseases will immediately notice a difference from standard in Rise and Run of stairs.

  2. Center Finders for dowels, you could check around the lathe in the woodshop. There may be one there. It would most likely be plastic, It will have a raised 90° angle on one side and a raised 60° Angle on the other. Cut through the piece is a slot for marking. Both angles will center on the bottom of the slot. So you will mark a 45° or 30° angle. The 60° side works for marking wood rounds. I have never needed it for a round less than 1 inch. So I am wondering about how well it will work. This Google search result will have multiple images of it. Yellow plastic.

Thanks for the responses. The stairs are for a bunk bed for my daughter (instead of a ladder). Stair guagues were used in the plans I found in wood magazine, but clamps or binder clips look like they would work as well

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In the dark grey cabinet, there should be something like that. (Along with biscuit joints and pocket hole screw plugs.)