Double sided tape, again

What is a good double sided tape for projects that need to be taken apart later? I looked at the roll in the grey cabinet in the woodshop but there wasn’t a brand name on it. I need some for a project at home.

I use 3-M I bought a roll recently at the Yard for $0.50. I use it on fabric.

Use 3M all the time…Good stuff.

I’m not sure, honestly. That roll has lasted about 4 years and I need to get more.

I found some tape that seems to be pretty good. It is removeable. I haven’t used it on a woodworking project yet, just on something else. It is made by Xfasten. It is their white tape, not the red. I bought it from Amazon. But it may be available local, I just haven’t looked.

Woodturners use a cloth based double sided tape usually stocked in carpet supply suppliers. Whirling a piece of wood that is held together at 1 or more thousand RPM puts some significant stresses on the joint. I doubt you are dealing with that type of stress.

The other temporary joints used for mounting wood on a lathe are a traditional wood glue based joint with brown paper in the joint. There is also the use of hot glue to hold pieces that will later be split apart.

Personally, I choose the Brown Paper joint over a double sided tape joint. My concern is more the 1/8th inch or larger joint, and lost wood, when the joint is rejoined. That joint will always show.