Donation page re-do

I re-did the donation page today:

Fundraising - if you want to get together and hash out what all we should really have there, I’m game! But I needed some things changed and I’m off work today.

I got rid of the separate thing to donate money to the building fund. I mean yes you can always do targeted donations, but right now it’s pretty obvious that your donations are going to the building fund! Let me know if there’s any doubt!

I have like five signs done for the donor wall to use as an example photo that I’ll post there.

Is there an embedded code from the gofundme we could add so people know how we’re doing?

Can I announce to the world that I’m ready to take everybody’s pledges and make all their donor wall signs?


Great work @kim

Looks great Kim fabulous job!!!

Thanks all!

So okay… it starts :slight_smile:

Members, leaders, enthusiasts - fill out the form so I can make more signs! I don’t care when or how you actually donate, I’m sure you’re good for it, somebody else counts the money. I just want our names on the feature photos. I’ve been using donors I know about and some from years ago to make sure I had the right idea going on the signs, I’m ready to make more.

Marc and I will be donating $1000. Our sign will have our kids names on it, because we are proud they’re growing up with such a great makerspace, a place that will be there for them for the long run.

The form is at the bottom of now.


This is gonna be awesome. :heart:


This is awesome!

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The gofundme link appears to be for an admin page. I think it should be:


Hey @kthutch - while I love the page, the asks don’t really make sense to me or line up with what we need to do. @Jens came to the board to ask for $26K (right?) in build out money - heaters, doors, restrooms, emergency exit lights. That is what we HAVE to fundraise for! Details in the minutes:

So it’s not right to tell people we might buy a third laser cutter (this is not the year) and I doubt people want to buy clay for ceramics (we already make the ceramics users pay for that). Why not just be honest with people and tell them we are making key building investments right now and that’s where this cash has to go?


After wartching my father raise money for Church Operations growing up, and doing that myself in various capacities, I agree with Kim.

Designating specific things limits the ability of any Board of Directors to meet immediate needs. Read the Fourm Post under Water Intrusion. We have no idea if there is damage. If it is minor or extensive.

Lots of needs with the new building. Most are not covered by the amount so far buidgeted by the Board. The amount was based on costs for minimum to obtain a certificate of occupancy and minimal operations ability.

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