Donated Embroidery Machine

McDonald’s Sewing and Vacuum donated is a cs6000i and Brother SE-350 (4"x4") embroidery. I picked them up Wednesday evening and wanted to check the embroidery machine out, see what it needed and possibly write instructions. It does need the bobbin wider repaired. Maybe someone can design and 3D print a platform as the one that came with the machine looks to have broken off.


I may be down there later for something on the laser, or plans.

In the mean time, the best tool I think is going to be InkStitch ( Which is an addon for Inkscape. I played with it a little and with Embroidermodder ( for this quickly.

One quirk (possibly since I use a modified version of inkscape lately) is that it objects to curved path segments, so if you do a Ctrl-A with the node (2nd tool down on the left vertical toolbar or F2) then the Insert new nodes into segment (usually 1st on the horizontal toolbar) a few times, then hit the Make Line segments to lines (11th over on the same toolbar) it won’t have a problem.

It looks like we’ll need to use a card to write to it, because it lacks serial or any other sane method other than a card, of a whopping 4MB. (PED Basic) which is NOT Design software, if doing Brother’s software you also need PE Design Plus.

Anyway, here’s a semi-preview:

(Blue is due to it stitching things together. There’s lots of settings, and I didn’t play with it enough to find the right one.)

If you have a way to upload it already… (Scaled to ~40mmx36 (Close to square))
Logo-primary-8.pes (13.3 KB)


No card and no additional software. I did find a card to plug converter on Amazon. It’s $95 I put it on textiles wish list . The machine is at my house. It will be next week before I get it to the space.

From what I read online, the cards are standard Compact Flash cards formatted FAT16. I have a reader for those. We can give it a try and if it works then I’ll donate it.

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