Donate a bunch of 3D printer parts to the space

I’m moving and want to get rid of a bunch of spare parts I have. Can I give these to the space? There are little screws, rollers, 12v heaters, 12v fans, and a bunch of other things along these lines.

Maybe @Christian?


We will be sad to see you go, but wish you well on your next chapter.

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If they say no I’ll be interested

Sure, we could probably use those. And if not, I’m sure we can find people in the community to put them to good use.

Are you leaving town, or just moving within Wichita?

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Just within Wichita right now. Carmen and I are getting married next month, so I’ll be living with some friends until then, and then with her after that. But in July we’re moving to Florida.

How about @Christian @Frank we meet up at the space some time Tuesday next week and we can go through everything I have then. If this works for both of you, shoot me a time, and I’ll meet you then.

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I am available anytime

Sounds good, @Frank! @Christian do you know if you’ll be available to meet on Tuesday?