Does the laser cutter work on glass

I want engrave my name on the mirror could this be done?

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Quoting from the Laser Cutter Wiki page…

“Mirror surfaces can reflect the laser beam, damaging the cutter’s interior components. Some mirrored materials can be placed reflective-side down and cut.”


I have my own laser and will tape the front/back of the laser with painters tape. I put it mirror down and engrave that way. I have engraved both ways (face up/face down) and I find that face down gets a nicer engrave because it looks like it is inside the mirror. Also when I engrave mirror, I typically use a lower speed/higher power than acrylic or wood. Just to make sure it gets deep enough to really be visible.


Another option is to etch the mirror chemically. An adhesive mask could be easily made with a vinyl cutter/cricut machine. Then apply the etching media. Usually gel/cream type acid made for the purpose. Art stores typically have it. Hobby lobby has one called Armour etch for about $10.


Fyi… i know that a member named Domy etches glass mugs on our laser hundreds of times. He is quite adept in fablab skills.

I wouldnt be afraid of small monogramming a mirror.

But if you were to etch a large flat glass surface, you could expect “released tension stresses” that used to be equal ish to just break your panel.

Im guessing. Ive never tried it.
But a panel of glass has internal stresses from cooldown. Thats why many glass items have to be annealed. Annealing doesnt remove them entirely. It just helps to … equalize them.