Does anyone have experience with a Benbox laser engraver

I got sucked into “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”, and bought what apparently is a pirated version of a Benbox laser engraver. It went together well, but it basically tells to go steal the operating software from Benbox. Of course Benbox has prevention to stop that. At this point it’s taking up space and is non-functional. Maybe if you have a Benbox you’d like a second? Or if there is other software available, you could pass along the details. Otherwise I’m going to disassemble it and chuck it in the trash.

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I’m not familiar with that brand, but after some quick searching it looks like it is Arduino based and runs a modified version of Grbl. If that’s the case, then you actually have quite a few options for flashing the firmware and using different software.

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Thanks Christian.
It’s probably beyond my skill level. I’d sell the hardware for $200 and let someone else have the fun.

It might be helpful for our other members that might be into tinkering with odd pieces of hardware to see picture, and maybe a link to the original item you bought if it was online.

Good idea Tom.

Here’s the site. BTW, the “180 day money back guarantee” is only for bad parts -
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Should be able to work with LaserGRBL right?

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That blue board looks like an arduino nano

Here’s a close up of the board.

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