December Final Friday Making Makers

The Show Room Final Friday will be a summary of this year of making.
Please put work you are proud of in the Show Room with a tag name and description of your work. Final Friday may be somewhat informal in consideration of the holidays. I have work in Shift Space, so I can not be at MakeICT all evening.


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I will be at Fisch Haus

Okay friends, I will offer to hold down the fort, but since the art might not come flooding in with at this late notice I’m going to host a game night too. I’ve missed too many game nights and I need something to do. So come see art, bring art, help host guests, or play dominos with me from 7-9pm on Friday!


Thank you Kim
The game night sounds like fun.
Sorry to miss it.


Thank You!


Game night was awesome! In fact I think we need an annual post-Christmas game night - it’s cold out, everybody got new games for Christmas :slight_smile:

Patrick brought “suspend”, it makes for a gallery creation just by itself: