Dec. 3rd Garage Sale

We’re going to be hosting a garage sale for members to offer tools and implements for sale during our open house event on Founder’s Day.

Items for sale will be limited to tools, implements, and boutique materials. Ya know, hardcore maker stuff!

This will be free to members, and participating members will be responsible for all of their own sales and keeping track of their items.

We will post additional information on how to register, when items can be brought to the space, and when items (sold or unsold) will have to be removed as the date approaches.

This ought to be a big draw to the public, as listed tool garage sales always bring the deal seekers out! So not only will it be a great way to sell some of those excess tools, but also really be a great outreach event to introduce MakeICT to people who haven’t heard of us or just never made it down.

Please post here if you want to participate, or have any questions.


I may have found some old 12v tools while cleaning out my shop over the weekend along with some other equipment I don’t remember using ever.

It’s not really a tables worth of stuff, but I could see someone having fun converting them to 18650 cells.