Cutting lengths of plastic lattice

Hey there, I’m looking to cut plastic latticework from the store to fit the underside of my deck. My first thought was to use the table saw, but I can’t find guidance on the Wiki if that is approved material to cut on the table saw and I remember there being concerns with certain materials mentioned in the walkthrough.

Guidance or alternative ideas would be appreciated!


Even though it’s plastic and should be non-conductive, I’m always skeptical of using anything on the table saw that’s not wood, as there’s a saw stop in place. If I were you, I’d just use a jigsaw or circular saw.

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That sounds like something I’d hit with a recip saw and hide any crimes I made with some edging or trim. I’d be nervous about getting a static capacity from a table saw cut and accidentalling the stop.

@MAtherton the Saw Stop is triggered by current flow not by voltage. There are definitely other reasons to recommend a different method, but triggering the stop mechanism is not a factor.

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My bad. My assumption is since plexi can trigger it plastics might work the same. I’m sure there is science behind the why, my main thought was I’d rather not be the one to find out it did.

If you want to use a table saw, I have an old unsafe one that will cut it and not complain.

I have cut this material with a circular saw and it left plastic residue on the blade. Not a good thing. The last ones I cut I used a jig saw which worked pretty good. Not as fast as the circular saw but didn’t leave residue on an expense blade.