Cutting "foam core" boards?

I have a project and I need to cut out a couple large pieces from form core/foam board. You know, the foam sheets with paper on both sides? Anyway, I was wondering if that was okay to cut on the lasers at MakeICT?


I think the foam in a foam board like that is generally polystyrene. That is on the list of banned materials due to the fact that it catches fire easily and doesn’t cut well. So I would say don’t laser cut that. If someone has different information, please say so.

Ive seen people cut it before without any issues. Ive even managed to get posterboard to cut on it pretty well. Start low and fast and adjust it from there.

Yeah, It should be fine. The paper backing helps mitigate the melting issues with polystyrene, but you’ll definitely get a concave profile on the edges. It doesn’t take much power and is pretty flammable, so make sure the laser is focused before you start cutting.

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IIRC, foam core board can be cut on the foam cutter. Is that correct?

Yes, but it is much smaller and doesn’t cut as accurately.

I was curious about this as well. I know FlightTest uses a laser cutter to cut parts out all the time. I believe they may even have the same model of laser cutter as we do.

It worked great,I cut it low & fast, but had to do it several times. In the end, the edges are crisp, but the foam pulled back in on the sides.

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