Cutting down a Silver Maple

I am getting ready to cut down a large silver maple in my backyard. The “internet” says silver maple is a good wood to work with.

  1. In the real world, is Silver Maple a workable wood?
  2. Is it worth hiring someone to mill it for me and storing it somewhere for a year to dry out? Versus paying someone to cut it up and hauling it off. Then I go to a lumber store to buy kiln dried Maple?

Any advise would be helpful

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Maple is good wood. You might get a better answer, though, from one of our members, Eric Means, from River City Saw Mill. Find them on Facebook and they’ll help, regardless of your intent.

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id take a short log or two. 2-3 feet long.

I’m not sure of it’s workability but it matures fast like 15 years typically the trade off is faster it grows the softer it is.
My neighbor had a few several years ago that was mature but ice storms took them out.

Hope this add benefit to your research
Good luck