Cutting board issue

Hello folks,

Working on a board that is using 14 strips going in different directions. I did my best on prepping the strips so everything would be square. I have a couple gaps, around 1/64th" that I’d like to fill with a food grade filler. Any thoughts? This product is sold through my business and I REALLY don’t want to waste the wood/time invested… I’m using maple, pecan, cherry, walnut, and oak. I don’t if the wood types matter in what type of filler is out there. Thanks for any input,


Could you mix some sawdust with glue and fill that way?

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That’s a good idea. Going to the shop today to hopefully get this board done!

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I saw a cool cutting board today on you tube. It used magnets to attach itself to a matching knife block…

I made a bottle opener like that. Took a cutting board and embedded magnets in it and then mounted a fancy mountable bottle opener on it. The bottle caps stick to the cutting board. I used a gargoyle bottle opener from toscana…

We had it up in the old house, I wonder where it is?

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