Cutting a steel plate

I’m wanting to cut a plate for a custom keyboard I’m making and I was wondering what suppliers people use for sheet metal. I’m not needing much so I’m hoping to buy as close to what I need as possible to keep costs down. I don’t need anything fancy. Just stainless steel at 16ga. I was hoping to bring my cad files and the steel to a plasma cutter class to get some help with it.

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I’ve never been, but most people I’ve talked to use The Yard for anything metal they need.

Josh, I keep Stainless on hand. How much 16 ga are you looking for? Give me a call at the shop in the morning sometime and I’ll dig through my pile.

Jeff Eck

316 744 2841 (shop)

Thanks. I actually found some at Home Depot that should be enough. But I’ll get back to you if I screw up my cutting attempt.

the yard, AMR, or salina steel is who i use. homedepot is 3X or more the price of everyone else i would avoid them at all cost