Custom tool handle

I had a broken 1/2" nut driver in my toolbox, and couldn’t bear to throw it out. So, I grabbed some scraps of walnut and pecan, and turned a new handle. It still needs finish sanding, and removing the lathe scrap from the end, and some polyurethane to finish



Well done. Good use of scrap pieces of wood.


Thanks, Bill.
It may tempt me to break the handles off of the rest of the set just so I can make them match!


You can make matching pieces on the lathe ?

I am impressed. Mine tend to be one of a kind :slight_smile:


Ha! I may have overstated by using the word “matching!” More likely they would be similar enough to look like they belonged to the same family. Perhaps distant cousins? :laughing:

Here’s the finished driver.


I recall a lot of dad’s old screwdrivers had wooden handles. A lot of them were split, too. They looked a lot like the ones in this screenshot. I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a bunch of them. Plus they don’t stink like the plastic handle do.

Those bring back memories … my dad had a set of them as well.