Custom Shield

Has anyone here had any experience creating a custom shield for an Arduino, specifically a Mega. I found out earlier that a breadboard and jumpers aren’t robust.
Thanks in advance

Ooo. I prefer KiCad myself. But Adafruit has this resource available

You could also go the the soldered breadboard route with something like this:

Much more robust than a solderless breadboard, and quicker than going all-out with a custom PCB.

I’ve tried the custom pcb before and it wasn’t pretty. Something like that I might be able to do.

Cool…That might be a bit or bunch above my knowledge level right now. I think I need a way to basically keep some connections secure.

Man I missed the breadboard part. I thought you were talking about protoboard.

Go with that fir sure.

I’ve found KiCad is pretty straightforward to use at least when routing manually. It might be a worthwhile class for me to teach?

Christian’s suggestion is probably the best way to go for simple shields that require more robustness than a breadboard can offer.

It would be a great class.

I’ve done that class… I’m not sure how well I did though.

Nice! Do you recall approximately how many people attended? I’d like a way to gauge interest. That’s one of the few topics pertinent to electronics that I know enough about that I think can get people going after a few hours of instruction.

Around 7 I think. But the laptops all have Kicad on them. Probably

That’s a pretty good turnout. I might give it a shot.

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