Crochet IV covers for Wesley Childrens Hospital

My friend Denise put out a call to all her crochet friends (and I am one of them) to help by crocheting a few IV covers for the Kids at Wesley Children’s Hospital. This seemed like the kind of thing other MakeICTers might like to do … so I will attach a photo of a completed project and a pattern for crocheting them. (They can be knit as well, but she didn’t have a pattern. She was asked about sewn ones and she said Wesley only used the crochet ones.)


Are these reversible, left or right hand?

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You know all that I currently know… but I will ask Denise. I expect you just turn them over to reverse.


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Are these reversible, left or right hand?

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Made hundreds for my guild! These are reversable, unless you use a bulky join or ridged join like a single crochet through all loops on both sides. They are simple, hour long little projects that mean so much to the kiddoes who need them, we always recommend darker colors, no light pink or white that might show fluids on them, 'specially the red stuff that is scary.


Denise found a knit pattern: