Crazy idea..Can I do this?

I paint on old house windows and am trying to think of new creative ideas for them.
Do you think it is possible to use the laser machine to engrave on the window’s glass panes without removing them from the window? Put the whole window in the machine? I’m thinking way outside of my box with this one!
Mary P

You might have to worry a bit about bubbles in really old windows and not sure if the inconsistent thickness in the glass would be a problem.


You’d also have an issue, I think, with clearing the thicker frame without crashing the lens assembly into it or interference between the window’s frame and the laser’s gantry.

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Thanks @David and @ladeana . That’s what I was thinking, too. I’ll stay away from this idea. I can use etching cream and stencils for the same result.

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I have a related question. I have a round piece of pine (like, from Hobby Lobby) but I am afraid it is too thick (1"). Is it possible to remove the base/table top to allow thicker pieces to be etched?


The bed moves down ~10", so engraving a 1" board is no problem.

Depends on the difference in height between the glass and the frame. Under ~8mm is probably fine.