CR-10 PETG Cura Profile

I have a CR-10 printer at home and I’ve been using Cura as a slicer. I’ve had pretty good luck with PLA, but so far have had less luck with PETG. Has anyone printed PETG and does anyone have a good Cura profile for it, ideally for the CR-10?

I have done a few test prints with PETG on the ultimaker (before we had the cr-10 and prusa). There is(was) an ulitmaker petg profile on slic3r on the ibm desktop. I don’t know if anyone has used the profile. The last time I looked at the roll at the space it did not look used.

I have some filament to drop off. I can check if it is still there.

What sort of issues are you having?

Well, it isn’t terrible, but it is definitely more stringy and isn’t as
smooth as PLA usually is. I understand that this is common with PETG. I
was mostly just wondering if someone has a good profile that I might try.



PETG is on my personal list of materials to use at home. If you get things working well please keep us in the loop, and we will apply any knowledge collect to our CR-10.


I’m in the same boat as Tom. I haven’t used it on my CR-10 but I’d like to. I think Zac has used it on his CR-10?

For PLA, I pretty much used the default CR-10 profile in cura but
adjusted a few things. I’ve been pretty happy with the results. For PETG
I started with the same profile and just changed the temperatures. It
did fair, but not great.

I follow the “Creality CR-10 & CR-10s 3d Printer User Group” on Facebook
and there are tons of ideas thrown around there. So I have some ideas of
what to maybe try.

I do have a motivation to get things right because I want to print some
parts that will be in an outdoor and sometimes hot environment and I
think the PETG will hold up better than PLA would. Just need to find the
time to tinker with it…