Cone 5 Clay shrinkage

I’m interested in making some templates for cups and wanted to build some shrink into them. From what I’m reading online shrink can vary from 4-15% in cone 5 clay, what is the average for the clay we purchase? I checked Evans’s website but not 100% that this is the clay we use Avg. Shrinkage 2±% 12%


For this very question I made some b-mix rulers that were 12" green and after bisque and glaze ended up about 10% shorter. They are on chalkboard tray in ceramics if you would like to see them.


the percentage is enough for me. Thanks

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As for as I know the shrinkage is different depending on the clay ans the process. slab work and wheel work will shrink slightly more than slip casting. and there is also a difference in commercial slip and homemade slip. If the slip has deflocculant (make the clay more liquid with less water) it will shrink less than slip made from throwing clay.
I have been told by Evans that b-mix may shrink up to 20%.
I hope that helps.