Communications Committee Meeting 2023-11-15 6-8p

Upcoming extra meeting in the calendar… meeting primarily to establish promotion requirements of the MakeICT Winter Market and the Art Gallery event.

Notes from previous meeting:

Notes for this meeting:


FYI, nearly all of our meetings are open to the membership at large and more hands make for lighter work. There are a lot of skills and viewpoints that could aid in this, and if sounds like something you’d be helpful in then it probably is.

I most likely will not be able to make this (no promises :wink: ) and I am definitely not the host, I just created the event for expediency.

Edit: pluralized “meetings”


Brad!! OMG, im sorry for forgetting to add this to the calendar. Thank you Aaron for doing so. My circuits were fried when we left the space at like 6pm yesterday, then home to do more stuff…I wont forget to be there, though. Sorry again.


Teamwork makes the dream work!