Communications Committee Lead

Hi, Makers!

Just a heads up that I will be holding down the fort as Communications Committee Interim Lead until such time as the committee elects a lead.

Amongst other duties and responsibilities, the Communications Committee maintains MakeICT’s Social Media, main Website, Wiki, Forums and more!

Feel free to post in this forum category any suggestions, questions or to share your skills! Keep in mind, however, this forum is public so don’t post any sensitive information such as account details or passwords.

The next Communications Committee meeting is on the calendar for Thursday, May 26 from 8-9p… but typically meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday. Swing by and help spread the word about MakeICT and to improve our knowledge repository!

Your input is valued!

Next Meeting: Thursday, May 26 from 8-9p


Just a reminder that the Communications Committee is still in need of a lead and talented contributors to share in putting MakeICT’s best foot forward!

There is a meeting tonight, 6/22 at 8PM!

PING: @Sherry , @Malissa , @Jhuie , @ladeana


I might be by the space this evening but not for long. I’m still not ready to step back in. I am adding some FB events today to help promote classes that are scheduled. I’m happy to answer questions if asked.