Committee Meeting

I’ll be in balmy Wisconsin when the next meeting is scheduled, can we go the next week, right before the board meeting? Or would Tuesday October 15 be better?


@rustin.atkeisson, @pwhutchi, @Paula, @ladeana, @Malissa, @michelle

Either works for me.

Kate, I’m needing some of the same info for the Mabee grant that you have or have requested. I’d love to compare notes. Will you be there this afternoon?

I can make either meeting times work.

We can’t make it, but I can send you what you need.

I have class on the 15th, the 16th would be better for me but I don’t have to be there.

Whatever day you all decide on is fine with me as far as I know. I do not know what my work schedule is like for that time slot yet. If I know the exact date I can make sure I have that time slot open.

Let’s go with Wednesday at 6. Old building.

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So October 16th at 6pm?


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Will get it on the calendar

Ok the 16th of October 6pm

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It on the calendar but wouldn’t allow me to add guest from my phone.

I put it on a hot pink post it note and stuck it to the middle of my bathrrom mirror so it would be IN MY FACE all the time so I’m beat over the head with the information hahahaha

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I can’t make Wednesday at 6pm. (Drum Lesson.) If you need something from me, make sure I know.

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Will do.

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OOOOO, Wisconsin, you bringing us back any Cheese?

Would it be possible to hold our Fundraising committee meeting at Booth instead of the Douglas location? The Building Mod committee would like to visit with us for a bit.


Sure. As long as we can get in the building, we can have it there.

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getting in will not be a problem

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