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This thread is for comments about the open house.

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What day in March? I would absolutely love to participate, but I am afraid that there is not sufficient time to amass enough items to actually sell as a booth in just over a month. And is that sufficient time for advertising and to get other makers involved?

Will any kinda training be needed? Like the one for Maker Monday?

Give me at least two weeks notice and I can volunteer to help out.


The proposal presented to the Woodturners group was our regular 3rd Saturday meeting day, March 19th. When it was discussed that other spaces from Make ICT might want to participate, we decided to be flexible. Our concept was a few weeks before Easter. I am comfortable with 19th, 26th, or April 2. If we go later, we need something other than Easter for a reason to purchase. That is why I think the planning needs to start ASAP.


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For members, there isn’t any actual training. If you have itemms you have made, you may choose to display as Not For Sale. Or display and have some for sale.

If you are interested in how to set up a craft sale table, I think we could put that on the calendar to have a group discussion with people that have experience to share.

If you mean something else, please clarify.


Do you need volunteers to help with anything?

No interest in displaying anything.

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Yes! we will be looking for Volunteers for many small jobs. Some before the event and some on the day of the event.

Before: We will probably schedule anot her ‘Clean Up Day’ There will probably be some other things, perhaps some nice signage, other preparations.

During the Event: Membership will have some great opportunities to distribute any type of flyers we have. More importantly, Makers to be handy to talk about what they make, classes they have taken, classes offered. Show people how to check the calendar, sign up for a class. And last but certainly not least sign them up for a Maker Monday. We think Membership could display and have people do these type of things and more.


Can we sell things that are not made in the space?

For example, we sell honey and eggs, as well as related items (candles, beeswax wraps).


I will put you on the planning group. That is a good question. One of our goals is to get people to come out and see what is there. Variety is an attraction. One of our goals is to help members. Stay Tuned.


Same question here I make a lot of stuff with the same kind of equipment at home 3d printers, laser, vinyl cutting to name a few all could be made at MakeICT too.
Always looking for additional sales venue’s


John I’d be interested in helping out in any way.

I’m interested in displaying some items made from my classes so people can see the variety of possibilities in Ceramics. Maybe a few items for sale. What would be the makerspace percentage of sales?

did we figure out a day? I’m out for March 19th (hopefully my last surgery on my leg is the 18th), but am free for the other two days.

We are doing a flat fee for booth space. number of vendors divided by rental cost of the classrooms for the hours we have them. Probably no more than $15 per booth.

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We are doing the 26th and @stnick is getting in touch with the extension office on your goods.

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We should be okay on the goods, we were okayed for the farmers market in SG county last year. Sale directly to the consumer is allowed for both eggs and honey. We will wash and mark the eggs as ungraded. We have fewer than 50 chickens.

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