Color copier?

I found this little gem on Facebook Marketplace. Color copier and printer. This would help with flyers and also with bigger prints in screen printing.

Any chance we can get one? I could take care of delivery. I just need a place to put it. Welcome Center?


It would be so awesome to have one of these, but I don’t know that we could make it fit in the Welcome Center. Can you get the dimensions from the seller?

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I think that model scans color but does not print color.


I might do us good to look into one that is leased. I know the Haysville Library lease is less than $200 per month and is based on history of use. You can also lease with magnetic card dispenser that prevents use without payment and set fees for color and black and white. The space would have a code to bypass the magnetic card for printing we need.


That’s correct. That model prints monochrome only.