Coach and Carriage

Can someone assist me in plamsa cnc cutting this please?Coach-Logo I can come tomorrow after 330pm thru Sat Night
Please and Thank you

Hi Jerome,
Unfortunately I will be out of town until Monday and unable to help with this.

I did want to give you a heads up that this image will not cut well as most if not all of the image would fall into the table and not be able to be cut.

When you are cutting images with the CNC plasma some metal must be left and connected to all parts you wish to remain else it will simply fall into the table / water

For example when the boarder that is around the Coach est 1941 was cut everything inside that cut would simply fall and no longer be part of the sign.

The same thing would happen when you cut the letters , carriage and horses.

I am uploading a picture of a simple cut for you to notice how the M in the picture needed to be attached to the metal so it did not fall away.

Hope this helps with your image design.

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that would probably be illegal to replicate

Pretty sure it only becomes illegal if he tries to sell it or be reimbursed for making it. For personal use, you can do quite a bit…


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Maybe someone else knows for sure? I’m very interested in the true laws, vs hearsay. Seems it can be very confusing

It can be confusing. Using the coach logo for anything not expressly permitted by coach would be trademark infringement. But if it wasn’t mass produced or the mark/name used as branding I highly doubt they would care. If the intention is to make a sign in order to sell fake coach merchandise then that is when you’ll start breaking serious property right laws. And as a designer or producer of a sign or artwork it’s up to you whether or not you’ll produce the work. For example I get lots of requests to do marvel superheroes, a lot of artists will, but I wont. It’s not usually worth the potential legal issues and having experienced significant piracy of my ip i have a pretty firm stance against it. Doesn’t mean I haven’t done them for fun… and post one on this very forum. Lol.


Thanks for the reply. I understand what you mean. I was kinda wanting to see if it could be tweeked from how it actually is in the picture. I mean just like the square boarder cut, then just cut the words COACH.Then the horse and carriage nothing has to be atached if that causes a cutting problem. I was just hoping for anyway to learn and make.

I hope you have a good weekend

I just wanted to build my girl a shelf to hang her purses on, not sell or commission out. just a cool idea I had in my head.


Jerome, that is an excellent idea with some tweaking to get it cut and for the sentiment, I bet she appreciates you! I highly doubt an agent for the Coach company is going to 1 care, 2 be inspecting your house for use of their trademark. If It were me as Coach, I would be honored by it… Just my 2 cents.

My only knowledge on this kind of this is replica cars, I can build an exact replica of a Ford 1967 Shelby Cobra and even put their decals and emblems on it. Carl Shelby lost the lawsuit against a guy who did it therefor making it not illegal for personal use, but very illegal if sold. To sell it, it would have to be modified and the emblems removed. If I understood the lawsuit, I am dense at times so you never know

Jeff Eck

Thank you sir. Also I you build a Shelby Cobra, please allow me to help so i can have one too

That’s interesting. The thing with copyright law that makes it extremely fuzzy is that it isn’t perfect and they are tried by jury so it comes down to their interpretation of the law in their specific case. And they get way off into the weeds (why its so expensive). Samsung and apple are in a never ending lawsuit over things as trivial as the bezel design. A company like mossy oak is essentially a designer and a team of lawyers at its core. A lot of companies make deals with attorneys where the attorney finds and goes after infringement cases they feel they can win and they keep any money that is won. Those companies typically just want to protect their property and livelihoods.

Also just to clear this part up, you don’t have to have monetary gain to be found guilty of copyright infringement. Distributing a copyrighted/trademarked work for free can easily be found to have caused damages in court.

I don’t think @jerome.johnson25 has anything to worry about though. Unless someone with more money then brains comes along and finds out lol.

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I’m just a small time designer with a lot of ideas, that I want to make but need cool Makers like you with help and or tips. Thank you all


Just change it to “Goach” and hope your wife doesn’t notice.