Cleaning some of the classrooms

I really have been feeling like the classrooms are pretty dusty and a mess. I think it would be nice to clean them, especially since I use them for board game nights alot.

I don’t mind coming in and cleaning, but I wanted to check what the rules were. I might want to reorganize the board meeting room a little (we have been using it more often for game nights recently).

Then I was thinking of dusting, sweeping, and mopping up a bit.


Cleaning isn’t illegal. Reorganizing/moving things without prior approval of that area lead and or committees blessing is frowned upon.


That’s kinda why I’m asking, I want to get permission to move some of the miscellaneous items around to dust and make it more usable as a room (the board meeting room with the mics)


Can you elaborate on what moving you are wanting to do? I suspect it won’t be a problem as that room is going to be totally gutted here shortly anyway to setup for the gallery.

Given the spaces better AC, larger open area, and tables for Board games, we have been using it for some of our larger games.

Mostly, I just want to do some spring cleaning. Its a bit dusty and stale in there, so I wanted to clean up so its a bit more pleasant to play in. In my mind, I want to:

  • Generally Dust and Air out the space
  • Tidy up the various items laying about that are constricting the walkways and open area we use for our large group game.
  • Generally reorganize (while tidying, put things into places that make sense and have some level of storage organization)

Nothing to spectacular, I just want to make it a little cleaner to hangout in. The AC is so much better in that room compared to the Lounge that I have really started to prefer the other room.

@sdowens That’s a large room to turn into a gallery, and the one with the best AC I have seen so far…why did we pick that one?

I thought the galley is in the hallway. At least that’s where the pedestals are and the wall marked for build out. Or are you referring to something else?

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LaDeana here… classroom lead. You guys have been using Classroom 4 aka the library. We really haven’t normally booked classes in there because of all the stuff in the corners of the classroom. I know at one time, the inventory committee was working hard at removing the extra stuff… but that seems to have slowed down. I am not sure as to the disposition of the stuff in the corners, but any cleaning that you want to do is AOK. I would not only approve it, but I would also encourage it! I will try and be there and help with that.


Last I knew, the gallery was to be in the hallway.


We have had recent volunteer forms with folks interested in helping clean up. If you pick a time for an event we can dig through and see if we can get help.

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@ladeana Yeah, we started using the room across from the Classroom 4, the one that leads outside and has the mics in it.

I wouldn’t mind cleaning both up to some degree. I have a few volunteers from the board game group who are going to help me out too. I think we all want to both give back by helping clean up, as well as benefit from the tidying

I was thinking of going in on Friday or Saturday


Yeah. That is classroom 4 (the one with the mics). Do you want to come in an hour or two earlier than game night? If I set a time at about 5pm on the 17th that would be two hours earlier than games on game night and that should let some of the random helpers leave before the games. Does that sound good? (If so, I will put that on the calender and try to rustle some extra forces for us.)

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Hmm, I would say earlier. I would want to work and end before 6 so I could get dinner before game night. I think its gonna take more than two hours tbh, but with enough people that might be long enough.

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I am pretty sure some of the stuff will not be able to be removed from the room unfortunately. I will try and get the folks in charge of that involved… so we can do as much as possible. So then we should start at 4pm. Even if it is not perfect, it will be 2 hours better! @Inventory can you help us this Saturday at 4pm?

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If possible, I might actually prefer friday. More people from the board game group can help that day. Maybe friday at 6?

Also, if we can remove some stuff, that would be great. Otherwise, I think reorganizing the layout of stuff would still make a significant difference.

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What about moving the stuff to classroom 2? It doesn’t seem to get used much, and classroom 4 is a much nicer room to hang out in, especially in the summer.


No! No stuff shuffling. We need to figure out real homes for the stuff and move it there or move it out of the makerspace.


Well, we have to at least be able to shuffle things in the room to clean it up at all. I won’t comment on the macro “shuffling” of stuff. But in the room, we can move things to improve walkways and allow for easier dusting and cleaning

We can leave the removal of items up to @Inventory

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Ok, I have moved the event to Friday so we can get more of the games crowd in.
Anyone can come to this event… even if I haven’t specifically invited you. If you have stuff in room 4 that needs to be saved, make sure someone knows.@inventory

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Thank you!

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