Clean up after yourselves

If you use textiles clean up after yourselves. Sweep your fabric bits and strings off the floor and use the lint rollers (located on the shelves by the door) on the ironing table.


Most of that is probably debris that fell from the ceiling. There has been a lot of vibration coming through from the roof this past week.


I would agree to that in regards to what was cleaned off the work tables and machines. What was on the ironing table was threads and small linty bits from someones project. All the machines are covered now to protect them.


Thank you for posting where the lint rollers are kept now! I’ve had a note on the whiteboard for months, I’ll erase that next time I’m there.
Been using tape, not nearly as efficient or effective


I might have forgotten to put the mat back on the table after cutting dress out today. I noticed there’s a hole in the mat and a couple of holes cut in the table as well. Using the mat on one of the brown tables on wheels to cut would be a better option. Rotary Cutters don’t work as well when the table has give. That table was built for ironing and cutting yardage with scissors.

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I will be in Textiles tonight for anybody who wants to meet, hang out, ask questiond or help me sort through some of the “stuff”. See you after 6ish. Have to feed the husband first :smile:


@Jhuie sorry I wasnt able to make it. Having a family crisis that is finally starting to resolve.


Sorry to hear that. No problem. Git stuff done.

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