Clam shells

Would anyone want some shells to cut down, polish etc for a project? They’re roughly the size of my hand, loose halves, no matching pairs.

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Be sure to have very good ventilation when cutting or polishing any type of shell, as it produces poisonous gasses.

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Terrasel I would very much would like to have some shells if still available I think they would work for a project I’m working on. Thank you

Yeah, definitely good to err on the side of caution:

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Thank you Christian for article. I’ll be glueing them on an item but ill be careful

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Good deal. When would be a good time to get those to you?

Would this evening work say about 8 pm? I’m free most time so maybe you can tell me when your availability

That should work. I was planning on coming in to check out something in the Textile area at 7, so I’ll be around.

Ok I’ll come in 10 min.