Christmas Star

I’ve had a star on the front porch for a few years. Daughter just bought a house this year so making one for her.

Mine before I replaced the last blue bulb with red for this year.

Welding done on the one for my daughter.

I changed a bit of the design. Mine folds for smaller storage. The second one is a little smaller and required fewer parts so it was easier and faster to assemble.


Oh wow, that is so cool!!! Beautiful :heart_eyes: could you do a snowflake I wonder? The next time we do a Winter event, I think having pretty lights there would really make the whole place shine (heh) and yours is like a crown jewel!!! How much would you charge to make something like this?

Ok… my Geek is coming out. Without arms, who else thinks this snowflake could be used for a Startrek Christmas?

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Always! People who make sugar cookies know that every star shape cookie cutter is also a star trek com badge cookie cutter :slight_smile:

It’s right up there with the angel cookie cutter minus a head is now a yoda cookie cutter.

these are valuable maker skills!

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Yeah I don’t understand the start wars or star Trek references. I just know that if you mix them up or intermingle them, people get bent out of shape.

I think for this to work as a snowflake, one would want to use the smaller lights and more of them, but I could be wrong. Hadn’t really thought of how much I would charge to make one but to give you an idea there’s a minimum of about an hour in one without doing it nicely. But me being me, I face and chamfer each of the short pieces of pipe that the lights go in on the lathe which adds a bit of time, maybe another hour. If you really want want send me a pm and we can discuss it.

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