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Was wondering if it was an option to check out a mold to pour at home or if this was something we just dont do. It would be for a one week check out. I understand if this is something that would be to problematic to manage.


I have no idea Frank because this is the first time anyone has ever asked to do that. I’m not the area lead so I can’t say. However, in the past I was allowed to take home and use some stuff from ceramics and I brought it back. That was at the old location, the new location has more rules now so reach out to Patrick or Scott they would be the ones who would know for sure. Good Luck and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to make and post on your page. You’re super creative!!!


Carol and I dropped off 6 bonsai pots to be bisque fired cant wait to glaze them!


Answer has been resolved

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Checking out equipment for personal use is not allowed by policy. It is only permitted for educational events with approval by the Board. You can check out the Equipment Loan policy at the bottom of this page: Property removal - MakeICT Wiki

Bonsai pot looks great! Can’t wait to see how they turns out.

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