Challenge paper cutter

I’ve been doing a bit of research on the paper cutting machine, since I’m using it several times per week. For reference, here’s the main manual and the supplement manual for the machine. Ours is model 305 MB.

There are some regular maintenance tasks outlined in the manuals, and I’d like to request putting together a maintenance schedule for the machine. Is anyone interested in figuring out how to do these tasks with me?


I learned a lot just skimming through those documents.

I agree with creating a maintenance schedule, although we’re definitely not using it like a production shop would. So oiling all the fittings might be best done by logging all use and requesting that after every 100 cuts (or whatever number …) it be oiled and a new log page started. Just an idea.


Thanks for taking that initiative. I really like the idea of a making a maintenance schedule. I’m eager to tinker and learn.

Also, it reminds that I probably need to talk with Jesse in the woodshop about a few a few maintenance schedules there, too.


That’s a great plan, Mike! I’ll put a log sheet together and leave it by the machine. Can you show me the spots to oil? We must be well over 100 cuts since this machine started being used last year. The whole thing could use a good dust too.

I also like the idea in the manual of spraying the surface down with non-offset powder to reduce friction when sliding a stack of paper in place. I’ll see about buying some, unless there’s some sitting around already.


I’d have to refer to the manual, page 4 for the oiling locations. It’s a little vague about locations marked with colored paint.


Is there a good time, maybe next week, that the three of us could take a look and do some tinkering?